Kate Lockley | QCS

Kate Lockley

Onboarding Team Lead

As a Customer Experience Team Leader, she provides an invaluable link between customers and the business. Kate began by describing a typical day in the office.

”My role involves answering inquiries from customers and solving their challenges. In the rare event that I’m unable to do so, I refer clients to someone who can help them.

On an average Monday, which is my busiest day, I’ll start by trawling through my inbox and prioritising calls to clients. I’ll also look to publish a webinar, seek out Trust Pilot reviews and attend a departmental meeting.”

What’s it like to work for QCS?

“Before joining QCS, I heard the phrase “there’s no ‘I’ in team” quite a bit. I always thought of it as something people said without really following through on it. However, at QCS working as a ‘team’ is a core value, so much so that after a while, collaboration becomes second nature. Therefore, if I see a colleague struggling, I’ll always ask them if they need my help and vice versa.”

How do you live the QCS values: ‘Do the right thing’, ‘Make it better’, ‘Play for the team’ and ‘Get it done?’

“For me, the values are designed to ensure that we do the very best we can for the clients and our fellow colleagues. Quite often, when I’m fielding a question from a customer, it’s likely that that query will dovetail with another closely-related topic. The easy thing to do would be not to not go beyond the original question. But that wouldn’t be fair to the customer or QCS. ‘Doing the right thing’ and ‘Making it better’ are about pre-empting subsequent queries and providing excellent customer service. The values help us to always keep that in mind.”

How does QCS enhance you work/life balance?

“Our CEO, Mat Whittingham, has always been greatly supportive of employees with young families. As a result, nobody at QCS is ever made to feel guilty for missing work due to a child being ill. However, the flexi-time arrangement has really cemented this philosophy. It means that if my son or daughter are poorly, I can always work from home. Most of all though it means that as a parent, I don’t miss out on those special moments such as picking up my kids from school or catching the school play. That may seem a small thing, but it has really made a big difference to my life.”

Finally, what are your hobbies?

“I have two young children and for me there’s nothing better than being able to support my kids in their hobbies. My daughter is a keen police cadet, while my 10-year old son likes to spend his free time playing hockey for our local club.

When I’m not with my children, I love to read and am fascinated by Roman, Greek and Norse history.”