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Leah Biller General Practice Specialist

Leah has an extensive background in all aspects of healthcare including practice management. She is seen as someone to depend on to take on a challenge and turn it around for the better. After a short time in working with the law she moved on to healthcare in 1985 after a routine appointment at her local GP had her walking out as practice manager. That started her on the general practice trail and then into acute, primary and community as well as health regeneration plus a Master’s in Primary Care from QMUL graduating in 2003 as the only non-clinician on the four-year course.

She was a practice manager from 1985-1993 which led her into a wealth of other interesting and important roles and projects. Some of these were project managing a brand new GP out-of-hours co-operative (1995), project managed the set up and launch of a walk-in centre to be run by the community trust, based on the acute trust site opposite A&E with staff to be employed by the community trust (2000), as part of a regeneration programme she led the primary care project involving starting up brand new surgeries in new locations, improving existing ones, setting up accessible psychological therapies, recruiting practice managers and improving the quality of patient care ( 2000-03) and those are just a few of the highlights. One of her impressive more recent achievement took place from 2010-2014where in less than 4 years she turned a large but neglected general practice with no profile into a local beacon that was able to take over a closing practice thus becoming bigger, stronger and able to take advantage of its new, bright, fully staffed and well organised future.

Since 2014 Leah has been working as a healthcare business consultant specialising in primary care, sharing her knowledge, expertise and can-do energy with healthcare providers and commissioners.

It's fair to say that Leah enjoys and thrives on a challenge with an MO of leaving places in much better shape than she found them. QCS is very happy to offer her another platform on which she can help improve care by sharing her vast knowledge with our clients and readers.

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