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Michael Dempsey

Michael’s early career followed on from University Chemistry to Accountancy in the oil and extractive industries. Following the completion of a degree in Accountancy, Michael entered the independent care sector with his wife by purchasing a nursing home . The business was grown over 22 years to become a 5 homegroup, together with an innovative care agency which provided over 10,000 hours a week of home care over a very wide geographical area.

During this period Michael gained what he refers to as his MBA of life, by working at Board level in a wide range of successful and growing commercial organisations as a very active non-executive Director. This experience, together with extensive training in formal quality management systems and exposure to academic studies in that area, together with the care sector experience, fitted Michael well for the next phase of his career. Following the sale of the care businesses, Michael developed a national practice as a care consultant to a number of organisations.

During this time Michael developed the first version of what has now grown through acquisition to become the QCS Compliance Management System.

Michael was the Compliance Director, and oversaw the quality of the QCS system, maintaining the integrity and culture of the content. Michael passed away in 2019.

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