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Susan Donnelly Scottish Mental Health Specialist

Susan began her nursing career in 1980, as a student nurse, then worked in  Mental Health  as a Staff Nurse, Ward Sister/Charge Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist.

She moved to Regulation and Inspection in 1997, as a Senior Nurse with the former Greater Glasgow Health Board and moved to the Care Inspectorate (formerly known as the Care Commission) in 2002 , initially as an Inspector then as the Professional Adviser for Mental Health and latterly held the post of Improvement Adviser. She has a degree in Nursing Studies, and a keen interest in the application of legislation into practice and Adults with Incapacity legislation.

Susan lives in Glasgow, which she loves dearly, and enjoys reading, gardening, travelling, live music, (usually having to bribe her grown-up children to go with her), and spending time with her granddaughter.

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