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Waqas Maroof Lead Application Support Developer

After spending nearly seven years with Moftak Solutions in his native Pakistan, Waqas joined Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) two years ago as a Lead Application Support Developer. He began by discussing his move to the UK and why he loves working for QCS.

“I had never visited the UK and so when QCS offered me a job, naturally I was filled with excitement but also with a sense of trepidation. There were so many administrative hurdles to negotiate. But I needn’t have worried. QCS gave me all the support I needed to help me to settle in England. They found me accommodation and helped my family to fit in. QCS’s support was invaluable and without it, it would have taken much longer for my family and me to find our feet.”

How have you benefited from QCS home-working and flexi-time policy?

Both have been transformational for my family and me because they have improved our quality of life. I decided, for example, that I wanted to settle my family in West Yorkshire. The daily commute from Leeds to London would have proved expensive and time consuming, but my managers were happy to let me work from home, and only come to the office in London for key meetings. Flexi-time has been wonderful too. With Pakistan five hours ahead of the UK, I can always talk to my family at a sociable hour.”

What does a typical day look like?

“The team that I lead primarily works with the customer division to develop new tools for customers and improve on existing ones. When people traditionally think of developers, they think of technically-skilled staff working in the background. That is simply not the case. Our role is 100 percent customer focused. We’re constantly talking to the various teams to try to understand the challenges our members face. It’s about putting ourselves in their shoes and making the improvements that they need.

From a development perspective, we work both on the back-end and front-end systems. At the backend, acting on feedback, we’ve simplified the quotation system, while at the front-end, we’re closely collaborating with the digital content team, to improve the way policies are presented to our members.”

How do you live the QCS values? (Play for the team, Do the right thing, Get it done and Make it better)

“Understanding the ‘Play for the team’ value and living it day-in, day-out binds us together and provides us with the focus we need to overcome problems holistically. This means recognising the fact that each team we work with has different skillsets. From our side, it’s important that we take into account the fact that other divisions may not be as technologically minded as we are. ‘Doing the right thing’ is about breaking complex technical language down so we can all see the problems clearly and suggest the right fix. This leads naturally to the ‘Make it better’ value. Perhaps the best example that I can give are the improvements we have made to the payments system following feedback from our customers and our finance team. The previous system was overly circuitous in that the payments team had to manually generate invoices before processing each payment. Now, it automatically matches payments to invoices, which has increased efficiency and productivity.”

What are your hobbies?

“I love spending time with my family. On the weekends normally we would go to parks and museums, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re spending all of our time at home. This has meant that I have plenty of time to read to my daughter and to pursue my other passion - reading historical novels.”

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