The Complete Step by Step Guide: QCS Covid-19 Visitor Tracker

With the incidence of new COVID-19 cases growing by the day, QCS know how important it is for healthcare providers to have a tracker that monitor, record and track visitors to their premises. We’ve been listening to your feedback and have now launched an easy-to-use COVID-19 Visitor Tracker in our system. Below is everything you need to know about the tracker and a step by step guide to get the tracker running.

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Alternatively, the instructions are also available here:

A) Features of the Covid-19 Visitor Tracker 

The COVID-19 Visitor Tracker enables QCS clients to monitor, record and track visitors to their location. The tracker will allow you to create a unique QR code to your company which visitors will have to scan in order to complete an online questionnaire before entering the premises. This will support the infection control procedures required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tracker includes:

  • Ability to create and download a QR code poster
  • Visitor log dashboard
  • Online visitor questionnaire


B) How to get your unique QR Code?



Step 1: To start, go to Settings (Cogs icon in the top navigation bar).

Step 2: Click on the Covid-19 Visitor Tracker icon which will take you to the Visitor Log dashboard.







Here is the Dashboard that records all the visits.








Step 3: Then you can click ”Download the Poster” button to generate a QR Code Poster.








Step 4: A PDF will then be generated that features the following:

  • Your company logo and name
  • Brief instructions for the visitor
  • A QR Code unique to your company

You can now print the poster and place it in a suitable position within your premises.





C) What should your visitors do when they come to visit?




Step 1:  Visitors to the premises should be guided to scan the QR code with the camera on the mobile device.  The camera will detect the QR code and give the user the option to access the webform.

*Please note: Devices with the different operating systems can result in a different interface to the image. If nothing pops up after scanning the QR code with your mobile device, you may have to go to your settings and enable QR Code scanning.









Step 2: Visitor will come to the QCS Visitor Form where they are asked to complete the two-step questionnaire (see image).

  • The first step records the details of the visitor and who they are visiting
  • The second step features a range of questions provided by the QCS Content Team, these focus on common COVID-19 symptoms and whether the user has either travelled abroad or been in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID-19









Depending on the answers provided, the visitor will receive one of the two responses. It will allow you to make an informed decision on allowing the visit.








D) You are now all set to track your visitors


  • All the visitors that scan the QR code and complete the questionnaire will appear on the Visitor Dashboard on the QCS system
  • The visitor records will appear as soon as the questionnaire has been completed by the visitor
  • These details are stored for 21 days



The following information will show on the dashboard

  • Visitor status
    • Red – indicates that negative answers were provided, and the visitor should not be admitted
    • Green – indicates that all answers were positive, and the visitor can be admitted
  • Date of visit
  • Visitor Name
  • Visitor contact details
  • The person they are visiting.

You also have the option to export the list to excel. This will provide additional information to the user, including the answers provided by the visitors to each question.


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