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15th November 2012

The trouble with governance… …and putting it right with QCS

Clinical governance and culture change

In clinical settings governance can all to often appear to be absent. Unfortunately, unlike the business world, failures of clinical governance may result in ineffective treatment and harm, through mistakes or through abuse. It seems that hardly a week goes by without a case of clinical failings emerging. With health and austerity hot topics it can be of little surprise that the media rarely miss when playing the ‘triple whammy’ of story angles - human interest, medical negligence and budget cuts.

Governance failure may just be a sign of the times; in attempting to legislate for better standards, increasingly complex regulatory controls are actually contributing to poor governance. However, it is unfair to blame poor governance standards on complexity alone. Another contributory factor is failure to recognise that culture change is required. Culture change needs to be driven from the top down - led by those in charge. Once the example has been set at the top, good governance standards are perpetuated from the bottom up. For any organisation, maintaining good governance standards depends on high standards of personal governance. If individuals do not take responsibility for their actions then how can organisations be said to be practising good governance?

QCS compliance management supports high standards of clinical governance

A QCS compliance management system underpins good clinical governance and reinforces the three main pillars of Safety, Effectiveness and Openness. The management system provides dentists and GPs with access to a comprehensive set of resources for undertaking processes in line with compliance requirements. Policies and procedures are customised for the needs of each site. There is no need to write a procedure as these are all held within the system ready for instant access. This documentation is updated in line with legislative and CQC requirements by our compliance experts so that you do not have to worry about reliability or accuracy.

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