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Adult care home worker registration in Wales due by October 2022

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October 6, 2022

Adult care home workers have until October 2022 to register with Social Care Wales.

From that date, it will be mandatory for all adult care home workers in Wales to be on its Register of Social Care Workers.

The date was agreed with the Welsh Government to give workers support and enough time to register following the pandemic.

The confirmed date will not only affect adult care home workers but also include adult placement managers and residential family centre workers.

When do workers need to register?

Registration for people working as adult care home workers becomes mandatory from October 2022. If you need to apply to register, you need to do so quickly.

  • If you already work as an adult care home worker, you must apply to register as soon as possible
  • If you started working as an adult care home worker before the 30 September 2022, you’ll have 12 months from the start date of your job to register
  • If you started working as an adult care worker from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023, you’ll need to register by 1 October 2023
  • If you started work on or after 1 April 2023, you’ll have six months from the start date of your role to register

How to register

There are several routes that people can take to register which include registering with:

  1. A qualification
  2. An employer assessment
  3. Following an induction
  4. Experience

Full details of how to register can be found here.

What happens after registration?

Workers will need to pay an annual fee to maintain their registration and apply to renew their registration every three years. This can be done through their SCWonline account.

David Pritchard, Director of Regulation, said that more than 1000 adult care home workers had already registered.

He added: ‘The registration of adult care home workers and others is another important step forward in registering most of the social care workforce and improving the standard of care in Wales. Not only does registration help us protect the public and increase its confidence in the quality and professionalism of social care workers, but it protects the workers themselves and helps them improve their practice by giving them further opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and qualifications.’

Further Information

Find out more about adult care home worker registration


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