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Deliver and Evidence Better Dementia Care


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Why Choose QCS Dementia Centre?

At QCS, we ease the workload of delivering and evidencing better dementia care in three easy steps:

Step 1: QCS PAL Instrument – a digital assessment of cognitive abilities

Step 2: A library of easily accessible dementia-relevant resources, including the PAL guides, to create meaningful care plans and support in-house learning and development.

Step 3: We can help evidence your specialism in dementia to regulators, families and commissioners.

Leaving you to focus on what matters most, delivering quality dementia care.

Our QCS PAL Cognitive Assessment and guides are evidence-based specialist care practices that can help you demonstrate your specialism and quality dementia care to regulators, families, and commissioners.

QCS Dementia Centre is a resource hub that offers real-life guidance on how to deliver great dementia care and provides evidence of excellence through visible staff actions and the impact on service user wellbeing. All of our tools and content are aligned to regulators’ key questions, making it easy to evidence your expertise and commitment to quality care.

Choose QCS Dementia Centre and ease your workload, while delivering quality care and evidencing your specialism.

Why You Will Love Using QCS Dementia Centre

Academically evidenced and validated PAL Cognitive Assessment

Schedule, save and review individuals’ cognitive and functional ability

Compliance Index that brings together dementia best practice with all the relevant regulatory needs

A library of dementia-relevant learning resources including books, films, videos, blogs and research

Raise expertise and confidence levels in your staff team

Raise visibility and tracking of the cognitive levels of your service users

“The PAL instrument positively shaped my practice as an occupational therapist and continues to do so today.”
Dr Alison Warren – Academic Lead for Occupational Therapy, University of Plymouth

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How else can QCS Help?

QCS Compliance Centre

Keep up to date with any changes to legislation, regulation and best practice whatever happens. Reviewed and updated regularly saving you time. Instant updates are delivered digitally, 24/7.

QCS Audit Centre

Our online audit platform that is easy to use and set-up, and includes a pre-built governance framework to help you get up and running very quickly.