QCS Dementia Centre

Deliver and evidence better dementia care. Driven by evidence-based tools, best practice, and practical guidance on how to deliver quality dementia care, QCS Dementia Centre helps transform the assessment, management and evidence of care provision for those living with dementia.

At the heart of QCS Dementia Centre is the academically validated QCS PAL Instrument for the digital assessment of cognitive abilities that supports individualised care and activity for individuals at all levels of dementia.

"The PAL instrument positively shaped my practice as an occupational therapist and continues to do so today." Dr Alison Warren - Academic Lead for Occupational Therapy, University of Plymouth
Academically evidenced & validated PAL Cognitive Assessment and Engagement Measure, created by Jackie Pool, QCS Dementia Care Champion
Your digital resource hub of evidence-based tools and content offering real-life guidance
Schedule, save and review individuals’ cognitive and functional ability
Mental Capacity Assessment examples are provided for the four main needs experienced by service users & those who support them

Dementia Care Solutions at your Fingertips

More than 1.5 million people and their families are expected to be living with dementia in the UK by 2040, and currently, more than 70 per cent of people in care living with the condition. Being able to provide great dementia care should be a focus for all care providers.

Dementia and its progression offers unique challenges to carers, and many don’t feel they have the support and guidance to ensure a safe and effective service.

Services need to evidence their specialism in dementia to families, regulators, and commissioners of their services, particularly if they are receiving local authority dementia premium payments. QCS PAL Cognitive Assessment and guides will support care planning with evidence-based specialist care practice.

QCS Dementia Centre is a digital resource hub of evidence-based tools and content offering real-life guidance on how to deliver great dementia care and for evidencing excellence through visible staff actions and the impact on service user wellbeing.

Within QCS Dementia Centre, QCS PAL Engagement Measure tracks the observed level of engagement in a chosen activity for people with dementia. By recording aspects of engagement in four areas (cognitive, physical, emotional and social) over a series of sessions, carers can identify where they should focus their efforts to help the person with dementia to improve their engagement. Thanks to its person-centred approach, QCS PAL Engagement Measure objectively identifies the level of service the individual needs and monitors the impact of your activity provision, while promoting meaningful engagement for your service users. In addition, this evidence of service delivery together with the tracking of changes in an individual’s engagement over time provides reassurance to the individual’s family members. It is also confirmation to regulators of the use of best practice to support the individuals’ participation in everyday life.

QCS Dementia Centre includes a library of easily accessible dementia-relevant resources to support in-house learning and development, to help you and your team in delivering excellent, person-centred dementia care.

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"This essential resource is a 'must have' for Activity Providers." Hilary Woodhead - Executive Director of NAPA (The National Activity Providers Association)

Benefits of QCS Dementia Centre

QCS Dementia Compliance Index brings together dementia best practice with all the relevant regulatory needs
A set of guides to support in-house, action-based learning in providing support to service users living with dementia
A library of dementia-relevant learning resources including books, films, videos, blogs and research
User-friendly emotional behaviour support guides covering some of the main difficulties encountered daily across care services
Raise expertise and confidence levels in your staff team with a range of focused and targeted dementia support guides
Easily accessible 24/7, anywhere, on any device


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