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Complaints Policy

Dementia Care

Quality Compliance Systems Ltd (QCS) is committed to providing high quality products and services to all of our existing and prospective clients. As such we take complaints very seriously. When things do go wrong, we want to hear about it. The feedback and information gained through our complaint management process directly feeds into our commitment to continuous improvement.

Due to the importance of this feedback we are determined to make it easy to raise any concerns that you have with us. This policy will outline how you can raise a complaint with us and what you can expect from us when you do.


  • QCS understands complaints to be an expression of dissatisfaction
    requiring a response
  • Complaints can be raised verbally, via email or in writing
  • All complaints will receive an acknowledgment via email. This will confirm the nature of the complaint, detail the actions we intend to take and provide a timeline for the next steps.
  • All complaints will be treated in a confidential manner
  • All complaints will be dealt with fairly and on its individual merits
  • All complaints received by QCS are logged and reviewed on a timely basis following the QCS complaints internal escalation process.
  • QCS will ensure that all staff are aware of what constitutes a complaint and how to respond appropriately


  • QCS staff aim to provide a high level of customer care and will respond to an issue using the defined process as soon as it is raised.
  • Issues that are resolved at point of call, will still be logged and reported as complaints through this process.
  • If a member of our team is unable to resolve an issue for the client, or the matter is of a serious nature, a formal complaint ticket will be raised for the client.
  • Complaints of this nature should be submitted in writing to; [email protected] or to the address below:

Complaints Team
Third Floor
One London Square
Cross Lanes

  • Written complaints should provide details of the issue, the impact this has had for you and what outcome you would like to see as a result of the complaint.
  • Complaints at this stage will be handled by our Complaints Team.
  • The complainant will receive acknowledgement of receipt by email, with a case reference number.
  • You can expect acknowledgement of your complaint within 1 working day of receipt.
  • During our investigation we may want to discuss the matter with you. Calls will be arranged as quickly as possible and at a time convenient for you.
  • You can expect a written response and details of any follow-on actions by email within 10 working days.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the formal resolution to your complaint you can write to the Executive Complaints Lead, detailing your issue within 10 working days.
  • The details for escalating your complaint will be included in the response from the Complaints Team
  • The Executive Complaints Lead will acknowledge the escalated complaint within 1 working day of receipt.
  • You can expect a written response from our Executive Complaints Lead within 10 working days.
  • If there has been no response after 10 working days of the final resolution being sent to the complainant, the complaint will be closed.