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Audit Guide Bundle


Is your health or social care service striving for excellence in care delivery and regulatory compliance?

Is your organisation dedicated to maintaining the highest standards while continuously improving your services?

Do your staff understand the importance of auditing and sharing insights from your audits?

At QCS, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we created our 12 Key Audits Series – containing Guides and Group Learning Exercises to support you and your team with understanding audits.

Why You Need This Resource:

It will support you and your team to understand the compliance journey and helps you to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, including those set by the CQC. It will support in enhancing safeguarding at your service by demonstrating how your audits can help you monitor, review, and identify patterns, peaks, trends, and areas of concern.

This new combined resource will also demonstrate your commitment to openness, transparency, and a focus on improvement. It will drive quality improvement by supporting you to learn how to transform audit findings into actionable insights that fuel continuous quality improvement, elevating your service standards.

It also provides the opportunity for interactive learning by engaging staff in group discussions and allowing them to gain practical insights by reviewing different audits and process’ across your service, whilst also identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

The key to an effective service starts here.

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    Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014