‘Building a Better Workforce Together’ Survey

Dementia Care
November 4, 2021

THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who shared with us their views.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Nikki Walker, is here to invite you to share with us some of the workforce challenges you’ve experienced or are struggling with right now in our latest ‘Building a Better Workforce Together’ Survey.

How long would it take to visit 6,000 different organisations to say 140,000 thank-you’s? While its simply not possible to do so, I pondered this question before I began writing this blog post. I did so because QCS, the leading provider of content, guidance and policies for the social care sector, would be nothing without you, the professional carers, who we support.

If I could, I’d also like to congratulate each one of you, for your dedication, compassion and courage that you have displayed throughout the pandemic.

We at QCS feel deeply privileged that you have selected us to provide you with the tools that enable you to make a difference to the lives of service users you support.

But, we can only continue to do so by really understanding the myriad of workforce challenges – some of them new, some old – that we know that you face on a daily basis.

While our people – many of whom have a professional care background – have an excellent grasp of those hurdles – to really understand the nuance and complexity behind them, we need your help. It is only then that we can create new tools and refine existing ones that solve some of the problems you face.

To start the ball rolling, we’ve created a Build a Better Workforce Together survey which we would like to send to you.

Our aim is to find out what keeps you working in the sector and what pain-points puts you at risk of leaving? We’d really like to understand whether or not you’re satisfied with the work you do. We’d like to know if you receive the training you need to do your job and further progress it? Do you feel that you’re supported at work? Does your work dominate your life, or do you enjoy a good work-life balance? Regarding resources, do you have the right tools to do your job well, and what, if anything, could your employer do better?

The results, which we plan to widely share before the end of the year, will help us to form an accurate picture. This in turn will ensure that QCS continues to lead the way in supplying you with the right tools at the right time, enabling you to provide outstanding care.

I’d like to finish where I began and say thank you for everything you do and for taking the time to help us.

Take part in the survey here

**You can also enter a prize draw by sharing your views with us**



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