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How to Digitalise your Audit Process and cut Auditing Time by 50%

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1st Enable Ltd


Supported Living

Founded in 2012, 1st Enable is a care provider offering care and support at a local level, to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

1st Enable, a CQC Outstanding rated provider of complex care to people with learning disability, autism, mental health issues and challenging behaviours, operates in the North West and North
East of England, as well as North Wales.

“Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) gives us, especially managers, the time to focus on a different aspects of our their roles and responsibilities and provide the tools to do our jobs properly.” explains Tomasz Lasota, Quality Assurance and Operations Lead – Registered Manager.

1st Enable like many care businesses, were looking for an effective and simple digital solution to improve their processes and overall efficiency. Research into different audit products showed that there is a variety of solutions, but many required different systems and logins. Already a QCS customer, Tomasz worked closely with QCS throughout the build of the new Auditing software. QCS Audit Centre is the new out-of-the box product designed to digitalise the audit process throughout the care sector.

“Adding the Audit Centre to the QCS system, was massively beneficial. It’s a big help because I don’t have to go through and scrutinise every single paper, I’ve got everything in one system. “

“I’m passionate about the digitalisation of the care sector. Within QCS Audit Centre I can build out the action plans, do my spot checks and come back to the system and check if my actions are being followed. With it now being digital, it’s even better because I can see everything on my screen.” Tomasz adds.

QCS has been working with its customers such as 1st Enable Ltd to make the new Audit Centre a useful and simple tool that will transform the audit process for care providers all over the UK. This enabled 1st Enable to more effectively manage their audit processes, while freeing up valuable time and resources.

“We’re really excited to be launching our latest addition to our product, which is Audit Centre. One of the key aspects of how we’ve developed this software is involving our customers, like 1st Enable to give us the feedback and, ensure that we’re doing what’s needed.” explains QCS Chief Product Officer, Terry Lawlor.

“One of the biggest challenges our providers have is how to follow up on the findings of the audits, how to ensure that the action plan is

followed through. And that’s why we’ve developed Audit Centre to really help our customers manage those challenges.” he adds.

QCS Audit Centre is an audit platform that is easy to use and set-up, and includes a pre-built governance framework to help
you get up and running straight away.

Audits can be pre-scheduled, or conducted ad-hoc, and can be completed on desktop or mobile. The findings are captured and an action plan built for every audit, with easy tracking to ensure actions are followed through.

“It’s easy and very quick to navigate. You have everything there. We can monitor how the staff are using it and that’s quite important for us because that’s when we can upskill staff . We’re using it daily and having the policy, procedures and auditing all on one system is massively beneficial for our company.” Tomasz tells us.

QCS Audit Centre, 1st Enable Ltd were able to streamline their audit process and make further strides with their digitalisation
“Using QCS Audit Centre has cut our auditing time by 50%.” Tomasz adds.

With QCS Audit Centre, conducting an audit is a simple online process to help care providers become better at what they do –  delivering quality care to the people they support.

The QCS Audit Centre is launching in September 2023.
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