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29th June 2021

Celebrating Pride 2021

Here we are again - the second Pride month in the middle of a national pandemic, but as a community that has been able to adapt and evolve over the years to party, it seems to be that adapting and evolving is a key message to make sure that Pride 2021 events across the UK go ahead in some shape or form.

So, why June many ask?

Well, way back in the history books in 1969, the Stonewall Riots took place in New York that led to the First Pride and Protest Marches in June 1970. Since then, the movement has grown to what we have today. Never forgetting the history but always holding parades and proudly marching forwards.

And just like the rest of us, many Pride groups have had to cope with the harsh reality of a national lockdown and pandemic restricting the celebrations.

This year however, Pride for me has a particular connection when you consider that it is 50 years since the first case of Aids was diagnosed in the UK and unlike the COVID-19 vaccines there is still no sign of an effective vaccine for the many who live with HIV and AIDS across the world.

Thankfully, what once took thousands of lives is now much more manageable due to effective treatments and many with the condition now living long lives. We should never underestimate the power of vaccination and continue to work towards effective treatments and if possible, a cure that will transform many lives across the world.

As we celebrate across our country, we are lucky to have some of the most advanced equal rights in the world. I love the fact that despite the real fears and risk that many face, they are taking the Pride Message celebrating and continuing the fight for equality and recognition.

Even in the UK when our rights continue to be challenged through hate crimes, the community rallies together and comes back stronger and our thoughts go out to each and every one of you out there who has had to endure hardships as a result.

This continuing struggle means this year - more than ever - Pride Movements are more determined to spread the love and many have taken to Zoom and YouTube to perform live events to ensure that the Pride Message thrives through the pandemic.

Glitter balls and flamboyance aplenty.

Now as we unlock our society slowly, more than 170 official pride events are being planned and there is something for everyone.

Whether you are on the lookout for:

Youth Pride, Film Events, Picnics, Theatre Events, Pop Up Cafés, Walking events, Sewing events, Armed Forces Breakfast Clubs, Physical Training Events, Pride in The Park, Painting events, Zumba, Busking, Lectures, Wild Swimmers, Nursing and Midwifery Pride events, Under 16s events, Paintballing, Jewellery, Fish and Chip Events, Student Events, Bi Pride, Trans Pride, Bear Pride, UK Black Pride, Pride in Ageing, Learning Disability Pride, Autistic Pride Day and Christians at Pride.

There really is a Pride Event or Group for everyone to reach out the hand of friendship.So please whatever you do this year don’t be alone this Pride Month, connect and celebrate with someone, anyone and celebrate the fact that we as a community are free to live our lives the way we choose to live them.

Remember those lost in the fight for equality and aspire to be like the heroes before and the heroes of today who campaign fiercely for what we in the UK now take for granted.

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