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Save Up To £300 & Choose Compliance Again With QCS

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

You made the decision to move away from QCS and are probably contending with the lingering questions: will I still pass my CQC inspections? Am I doing enough to stay compliant?

More likely than not, without the security of our updated policies and award-winning suite of tools, you’re missing out on boosting your compliance in key areas.

Our pledge to help our customers facilitate the highest quality of care means that QCS customers can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about the tedious manual updates and losing out on valuable time. Our team takes care of that for them, so they have more time to do what they do best – delivering quality care to their clients.

We want to gift this peace of mind to you. So, when you re-sign with us and buy the QCS Audit Centre, you’ll receive an exclusive £300 discount towards our QCS Compliance Centre. Previous customers interested in the QCS Compliance Centre only can still unlock a huge £200 savings!

    Save up to £300 on QCS Compliance Centre Today!

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    Why would I sign up with QCS… again?

    Having dedicated many years to the care sector ourselves , we know you don’t have the luxury of time. Our goal has always been to build a solution to save you time so you can focus on what truly matters.

    We can give you back a whopping 80 days annually so you have more time to give your clients the care they deserve.

    But we refuse to stop there.

    Here’s a few more reasons why our customers chose QCS (like you did before) and why you should join the QCS community once again:

    • Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork and cluttered office spaces. Our solution gives you back the power by offering a simplified, comprehensive, one-stop tool that does all the hard work for you.

    • Our experts have backgrounds in care and have been where you are. We are no stranger to the nuances and challenges surrounding the journey to safe care. We are an extension of you; helping you to facilitate the highest quality care for your clients.

    • Our tools are created with your journey in mind. Our solution-based technology paves the way for smoother sailing.

    • We maintain a human touch in a fast-paced, digital world. We won’t give you a reason to doubt our expertise, unrivalled knowledge, and hard work that goes into updating your policies so that you have the time to care for your clients.

    Let’s Reconnect

    Since you’ve been away, we’ve been cooking up a storm of new additions to boost our award-winning QCS toolkit. From devising new content guides to launching innovative task-optimising and time-saving tools, we can’t wait to show you what you can achieve with our new and improved suite of tools.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s reconnect. Sign up and save up £300 today!