Dental Monthly Content Highlights - February to March 2021 | QCS

Dental Monthly Content Highlights – February to March 2021

Dementia Care
March 1, 2021

We have been working hard during a very cold and wintry February as we know how busy you have been especially with the added COVID and PPE and UDA target pressures for NHS contract holders.

  • DPA13 Compassionate leave
  • DAC13 Parental leave
  • DAF01 Fees policy
  • DAB24 Adverse weather
  • DPP09 Appraisal policy
  • DPR08 GDC Checking policy and procedure
  • DAB25 Vehicle insurance policy if you use your car for business purposes

We have added lots of useful documents an article in the resource centre including:

  • A factsheet about UDE targets with calculations at various achievement points for NHS contract holders
  • A Visitor tracker app is available within the system that you can choose to use for visitors and staff
  • A Health and safety podcast provided by our solicitor partners Napthens is available about Near Miss reporting
  • With talks of the possible need to have evidence of COVID vaccination, a useful 1 page document is available providing guidance on how to obtain evidence of your COVID-19 vaccination

The Policy of the month is DPP09 development appraisal policy and procedure and look out for an article in the Dentistry journal by Dr Karen Tindall about patient communications

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our healthcare experts, you can join our Dental Facebook Discussion Group here. It is a place for you to ask any healthcare-related questions and share with each other best practices.