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Free podcast: How Covid has changed General Practices

Dementia Care
June 29, 2020

Listen to our latest podcast on ”How Covid has changed General Practices”, in partnership with Ockham Healthcare for free now!

There is a lot of talk about how general practice has changed as a result of the pandemic, but what does that mean for GP practices on the ground? Are practices really going to change, or is it just a matter of time until things go back to how they were?

In this week’s Ockham Health’s podcast, our Head of Primary Care Tracy Green and Alvanley Family Practice’s Business Manager, Kay Keane are here to share their views on what changes they think are here to stay.

More about Tracy Green, Head of Primary Care at QCS 

Tracy has worked in General Practice Management for over 13 years. She has also been a Care Quality Commission (CQC) Practice Manager Specialist Adviser since 2014 along with being a peer appraiser, national trainer, dementia friend champion and a trustee board member with her local Healthwatch.

Her extensive experience and passion for making a difference to patients have allowed her to understand what do practices need during this challenging time and how QCS can help.

More about Kay Keane, Business Manager at Alvanley Family Practice

Kay, also as a Primary Care Contributor here at QCS, has been employed within the NHS since being a teenager. She has seen lots of changes and developments and worked in various parts of the service. None of that has prepared her for the massive changes we have gone through in 2020. She was the winner of the National Association of Primary Care “Practice Manager of the Year” in 2017 and is a Council Member of the NAPC representing the views of Practice Managers Nationally.

Her first-hand experience has given her great insight into the changes during the Pandemic in General Practices and what have been an improvement.

More about Ockham Healthcare:

Ockham Healthcare is a think tank and consultancy. They identify, promote and support best practice and new ways of working in General Practice. Their main focuses include facilitating and accelerating collaborative working between practices; developing and supporting at-scale general practice organisations and providing support for individual GP practices. Click here to find out more.