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06th August 2021

Horizon Scan (Last Update: 06.08.2021)

COVID Vaccine Booster Plan

As reported by the Irish Times, the Cabinet have discussed a planned campaign of booster shots.

Residents in nursing homes, people aged over 80 and frontline healthcare workers will be the first to be offered COVID-19 booster shots in the coming months.

Fresh advice from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) to Government has recommended the use of booster injections for vulnerable groups first. The programme is expected to begin in the autumn or winter, a Government spokesman said.

The Government also discussed plans to add the so-called “variant proof” Valneva COVID-19 vaccine to the list of available vaccines.

Hospitality restrictions to be eased

A roadmap for the further relaxation of COVID restrictions for the hospitality sector is to be drawn up in the coming weeks, an industry representative has said.

Representatives from the hospitality industry met with Government officials on Wednesday where they pushed for an end to the 11.30pm COVID-19 closing time rule from September onwards.

New partnership aims to benefit people with Intellectual Disabilities

Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID) situated within the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin.

TCPID provides people who have intellectual disabilities with the opportunity to participate in a higher education programme designed to enhance their capacity to fully participate in society as independent adults.

Go-Ahead Ireland provides public transport bus services on behalf of the National Transport Authority (NTA). They have partnered with TCPID and will work with them, with the aim of creating new opportunities within the transport industry for students and graduates.


For the first time, the next Census in 2022 will provide a suite of disability questions, aiming to collect data on the degree of limitation being experienced by people living with physical and intellectual disability. This data will help inform planning of services.

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