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Mental Health Awareness: How to feel more positive

Dementia Care
May 21, 2020

10 tips that allow you to feel more positive, download it for free here!

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Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 18-24 May 2020; it aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote positive wellbeing. It provides an opportunity for you and your organisation to add mental health to the wider conversation. 

Especially now that the nation is in lockdown with drastically limited freedoms, keeping yourself mentally healthy is critical. During the Mental Health Awareness Week, QCS are sharing tips on how to stay positive for different groups. 

Today, we have 10 tips on how to improve your mood and feel more positive by Helen Benfield, a lifestyle and food specialist. You can also download and share our easy read 10 tips with your friends, family and colleagues with the download button above! 

It’s absolutely fine to have bad days and to feel anxious. What is not OK is when that feeling takes over. Being kind and looking after your wellbeing has never been so important. Try the feel-better tips below to improve your mood, starting from today!

1. Look out

It’s often said that nature is a good healer- take your cuppa outside or even by an open window, to boost positivity and relieve stress.

2. Shine bright

Don’t worry if you cannot get the advised 15-30 minutes of sunlight because you are busy working. You can still obtain Vitamin D by having salmon, dairy products and mushroom!

3. Take time for tea

If you enjoy the herbal variety, try those contain chamomile, passionflower and limeflower for relaxation and consumer those with peppermint and ginger when you need a pick-me-up.

4. Pass (on) the biscuits

Always snacks wisely – the plainer the better. Choose a digestive instead of a chocolate-coated ones or jam-filled cakes, rather than cream-filled bakes!

5. Go nuts!

Almonds and walnuts contain melatonin, which helps you to chill in readiness for sleep and provide you with more energy for the day!

6. Tune in to tune out

Listen to a podcast or playlist as you take a walk can rest your brain. A minimum of 5 minutes mindful action daily is all you need for your wellbeing.

7. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration makes you tired and irritable. Keep a refillable bottle with you and challenge yourself to finish this before your shift ends.

8. Swap this… for that…

Try replacing crisps with popcorn – but not the toffee kind! Air popped corn is a wholegrain and contains more fibre than a bag of potato chips and will keep you fuller for longer.

9. Fix your sleep patterns

Maintain as much of your usual routine as you can and perhaps get up earlier on days even when you don’t need to. Find what works for you and stick with it.

10. Balancing acts

While it’s always better to be healthy, sometimes eating what you love will make you feel better. It is all about having a balanced diet!

All the facts have been checked by experts, but this is not medical advice, so please do make that call to your doctor, if you need to.