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20th October 2020

Practice team information: CQC Transitional monitoring approach (TMA) (Last update: 20.10.20)

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As you may be aware, the CQC is evolving its approach to regulating as the risks from the coronavirus pandemic change, by using a transitional approach to monitoring practices.

This began on 6th October for dental services followed by GP practices on 19th October.

Whilst this does not overrule the 5 Key Lines of Enquiries (KLOEs), it is important that you know about these changes.

The focus is on:

  • Safety
  • How effectively a service is led
  • How easily people can access the service

The new approach includes:

  • A strengthened approach to monitoring, based on specific existing Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) so that risk in a Practice can be monitored
  • Using technology and local relationships to better direct contact with people who are using services, their families/carers and teams working in the Practice
  • Inspection activity that is more targeted and focused on where the CQC has concerns, without returning to a routine programme of planned inspections

Once the CQC have reviewed information about a Practice, they will have a conversation online or via telephone. This is not an inspection and the Practice will not be rated from this. It will help the CQC to decide if further regulatory action is needed.

Information considered about a Practice:

The CQC will consider:

  • Previous inspection reports and ratings
  • Monitoring information collected through usual data sources
  • An inspector’s knowledge of the Practice
  • Views of people who have used the Practice from online feedback, enquiries, and information for other agencies

Top Tip

How to easily remember the five KLOEs:

  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Effective
  • Well-Led

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