CQC Caring Poster – I statements

Dementia Care

Download the third in a series of CQC posters, focusing on the ‘I’ statements under the ‘Caring’ key question.

‘I’ statements are the foundation of the CQC’s assessment framework for health and social care. They reflect what matters most to individuals receiving care, guiding the safety and quality of services.

Why you need this resource:

  • Seamless Compliance: Stay ahead of regulatory requirements, including those set by the CQC.
  • Staff Training: Equip your team with a deep understanding of the ‘I statements’ within the new assessment framework.
  • Evidence Gathering: ‘I statements’ are a vital part of the people’s experience evidence category. A good understanding of these statements will help you effectively demonstrate this evidence to the CQC.
  • Quality Improvement: Understanding the ‘I statements’ for each key question is essential for making your services better and improving your standards.

The key to an effective service starts here. Download the QCS CQC Caring Poster – I Statements now.

Download our ‘Caring’ poster here

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