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QCS Dementia Centre – Deliver Outstanding Dementia Care

With our Dementia Centre, you have all you need to deliver and evidence better dementia care for your Service Users.

Whether stand-alone or as part of your QCS compliance subscription, the Dementia Centre is a resource hub of evidence-based tools and content offering guidance on HOW to deliver great dementia care and for evidencing excellence through visible staff actions and impact on service user wellbeing.

  • Dementia Dashboard

    Find everything you need for outstanding care in one central location.

  • Library

    Access a treasure chest rich with resources, sharing best practices with you and your team.

  • Team Resources

    Grant access to your system to as many staff as you like, then manage their status and view when they last logged in and what they are looking at.

  • PAL Instrument

    Direct access to the Pool Activity Instrument - assess the strengths of everyone rather than their limitations.

  • Best Practice

    Access tools, videos, templates and guides and share with your team to easily keep up to date with best practices in dementia care.

Everything you'll need is included in the Pack! All the policies, tools & procedures, all in one place.

  • Communication Skills for Effective Dementia Care

    Dancing with Dementia

    Dementia Friendly Communities

    Dementia Reconsidered, Revisited

    Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity

    Dementia, Law and Ethics

    Dementia, Sex and Wellbeing

    Doll Therapy in Dementia Care

    Essentials of Dementia

    Intellectual Disability and Dementia

    Making a Difference with Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

    Namaste Care for People Living with Advanced Dementia

    Person-Centred Dementia Care - The VIPS Framework

    Reducing the Symptoms of Dementia

    The Memory Activity Book

    The Memory Handbook

    The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument

    Using Technology in Dementia Care

    Young Onset Dementia

    Exploratory Activity Level Guide

    Planned Activity Level Guide

    Reflex Activity Level Guide

    Sensory Activity Level Guide

    Pool Activity Level (PAL) Checklist

    Continence Care

    Having a Wash

    Engaging in Activities

    Getting Dressed

    Oral Hygiene

    Supporting Dining

    Supporting Drinking

    Using Mobility Aids

    Walking About

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  1. Latest Resources

    Stay up to date with our leading set of tools and resources to help you deliver outstanding Dementia care.

  2. PAL Instrument

    Direct access to the Pool Activity Instrument - assess the strengths of everyone rather than their limitations.

  3. Practice Guides

    Our Purposeful Practice guides include templates with goal setting for on the job staff training.

  4. MCA Assessment

    Discover examples of Mental Capacity Assessments, as well as guides and resources to undertake your own.

  5. Evidencing Excellence

    Evidence how your staff training has turned into skilled competency and also demonstrate the impact on service users, using the range of tools with built-in evidence measures.

  6. Dementia-Friendly

    View guides to help you create positive social, mental, and physical environments for your service users.

  7. Online customisation

    Allows you to create customised guidance for each of your service users.

  8. Outstanding Care

    Includes training, guides and evidence tools that help you and your team excel.

  9. QCS Dementia Compliance Index

    Create tailored compliance for you and your team.

  10. Dementia Library

    Our comprehensive and continually updated library includes access to books, films, and the latest research on Dementia for no additional cost.

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