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Annual Report Template

What does it mean for you and your service?

You must take specific steps to carry out your duty of candour when a serious adverse event happens. You will need to let the people affected know, offer to meet with them, and apologise. This is an important part of being open with people who experience care, and to learn from things that go wrong.

This annual report will cover the period April 2018 to April 2019 and even if there were no incidents to which the duty applied, a short report will still be required, as it must contain information about staff training on the duty of candour.


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What does it mean for you and your service?

It has a statutory duty to support improvement and uses tools to identify where this is needed. There is a major cultural shift which continues as new frameworks are being developed for various services.

Inspectors are working in new ways, with an improvement focus, previously there were specialists in areas such as pharmacy, tissue viability, continence, nutrition, and palliative care who supported inspectors to identify poor quality provision. Now, these specialists support care providers and managers use improvement methodologies to improve care, an exciting shift.

What is Duty of Candour?