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Free Stress Management Poster

Dementia Care
April 9, 2021

Covid is a stressful time for everyone. Have you noticed you feel quite anxious sometimes, or people around you can be quite stressed at times? Download our Stress Management Poster for free below. You can print it out and share it with your team. Remind everyone that it is okay to be worried. It is important to learn to recognise and handle the emotion.

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You can also learn about how to manage stress below:

What is Stress?

Stress can be emotional or physical tension. Stress is a whole body response to what feels like a negative situation that’s happening to you or around you.

It’s OK

We all experience short bouts of stress. Sometimes it can help us through a situation.

When is it bad?

When it carries on for a long time. ‘Burn Out

When you don’t have the right tools to deal with it

How can I recognise it? What is your body telling you?

Feeling tired all the time

Feeling anxious/hot

Butterflies/adrenaline constantly

Easily moved to tears/anger

Not eating/sleeping

Muddled – ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’

How can I manage?

Refuel: Eat and drink regularly – A balanced diet less sugar and caffeine

Renew: Get plenty of sleep – wind down without TV – try a bath or a mindfulness app

Respond: Tell someone how you are feeling – a friend, Dr or employer

Review: Look at your life, what can change to make things better?



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