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NEWSFLASH!! General Practice Contract (Last update: 22.01.21)

January 22, 2021

Updates to the GP contract for the next financial year have been released by NHS England and, following deserved recognition of the responsiveness of general practice with the pandemic and administering the COVID-19 vaccination programme to priority groups, there will be minimal changes from 1 April 2021, plus some delays to previously agreed parts of the contract.

Due to current uncertainties, the complete 2021-22 contractual arrangements aren’t yet confirmed, but the key points in this latest update are:

GP Recruitment

  • Continuing with the campaign to attract, recruit and retain GPs


  • An uplift to the global sum, to allow for a 2.1% pay and expenses increase, as per the five-year deal
  • A review of potential continued COVID-19 funding in the first months of 2021-22


  • QOF for 2021-22 will be based upon the indicator set already agreed for 2020-21
  • The childhood immunisation DES will be replaced with item of service payments
  • There will be four new indicators in the vaccinations and immunisations domain
  • Additional funding will be put into QOF to support the severe mental illness (SMI) physical health check indicator
  • The learning disabilities and supporting early cancer QI modules will be repeated for 2021-22

Enhanced Services

  • Seasonal flu vaccination indicators (including for over 65s, patients aged 18-64 in a clinical at-risk group, and children aged 2-3 years) will continue for 2021-22
  • The annual learning disability health checks and health action plans, and social prescribing referrals will also continue
  • The introduction and funding of new measures to tackle obesity are still to be agreed

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

  • An increase in ARRS funding from April (£430m in 2020-21 to £746 in 2021-22)
  • An inner and outer London weighting on top of the maximum current ARRS reimbursement
  • Paramedics, Advanced Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioner ARRS roles will be added from April 2021
  • Every PCN will be entitled to at least one fully embedded FTE Mental Health Practitioner (more than one if 100k+ patients are in the PCN)
  • Clinical Pharmacist in the General Practice scheme can transfer to PCNs and be reimbursed under the ARRS
  • A more phased approach to the introduction of new IIF indicators in 2021-22, with funding to incentivise improvements in access for patients
  • The additional four service requirements will not be introduced from April 2021

Digital Services

  • A greater routine use of online consultations and video consultations
  • Practices that have implemented and operate a ‘total-triage’/‘triage-first’ model will not have to meet the 25% online booking contract requirement

The letter from NHS England and NHS Improvement on 7 January provides details of work prioritisation and income protection measures, including QOF, for January to March 2021.


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