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13th November 2016

No More Printing Deducted Patient Records! – GP2GP

No More Printing Deducted Patient Records! – GP2GP

Before GP2GP - Each time a patient is deducted, we would print off the full patient record notes, including those which we have scanned. These were then sent to the new practice, the new practice would scan everything back.

What a waste of resources!

Well…good news!  No more of this to do if you are GP2GP compliant.

2016/17 General Medical Services (GMS) Contract

The GP contract that is released each year impacts on us in different ways.  Seven months down the line of implementation can find us asking ourselves whether we have checked those small paragraphs within it that can have a big impact on practice procedures and staff roles that we, as busy practice managers, can easily miss.

Have you picked up on the following…?  It’s well worth a check!

The GP2GP Section of The 2016/17 Document States:

‘GP2GP compliant practices will continue to utilise the GP2GP facility for the transfer of all patient records between practices, when a patient registers or de-registers (not for temporary registration). The GMS Regulations will be amended so that practices are no longer required to seek permission from NHS England not to print out the electronic record, where patient records successfully transfer to a new practice using GP2GP v2.2 or its successors’.

What This Means - Implementing The Changes

Some patients’ notes are lengthy and can mean hundreds of sheets of paper to print. This is time consuming and expensive. Receiving new patients’ notes is also time consuming, scanning what practices have printed off that hasn’t come through electronically.

It is important to note, though, that the above changes are not applicable for temporary registrations.

Have You Updated Your Policy and Procedure to Reflect This?

You may have a member of staff still printing out all the deduction notes because no one has told them otherwise.

  • Talk to the member of staff involved
  • Their Job Description will need changing to match their new role or responsibility
  • Consider how you can make better use of this person’s time
  • Change your practice policy and procedure to reflect this

Helpful Links

The Key changes are available on the NHS Employers website: GMS contract changes 2016/17

The full Guidance is available which is well worth a read to ensure you are not missing anything: 2016/17 General Medical Services (GMS) contract

An FAQ on the GMS contract is available on the NHS Employers website: FAQs for the global sum funding and uplift section of 2016/17 GMS guidance

The key changes include the following: GMS contract changes 2016/17


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Michelle Broutta

GP Specialist

In December 2014, Michelle joined the Care Quality Commission as a Specialist Advisor (SpA), Practice Manager. Michelle works with the Inspection team and inspects primary medical services. To date, Michelle has inspected around 60 GP practices across the country.

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