Human Resources

  • Straight forward – Simple interface for all HR activity
  • All inclusive – As many as 406 pages with 104+ comprehensible HR policies and procedures, downloadable in Word and PDF
  • Encompasses – Everything for compliance with staff management responsibilities

The QCS Human Resources Module is a valued part of QCS services with good feedback from our clients. It is a wide ranging and valuable resource for aspects of managing employees from Recruitment and Induction to Absence and Discipline.

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    Navigate your policies, procedures, compliance tools and more. Everything you need for compliance is located on your dashboard.

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    Customising your system is quick and easy, just fill out your System Details section, and we’ll customise the policies for you!

  • Search Function

    It’s easy to find the policy you’re looking for using our Find a Document Box.

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    Our Policy Centre houses all the policies and procedures included in your Quality Assurance Pack.

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    Our Custom Upload tool allows you to add your own documents to your system. This gives you the convenience of storing all your compliance documents in one place that your staff can access from any computer with internet access.

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    You can grant access to your system to as many staff as you like, then manage their status, and view when they last logged in and what they are looking at. A great way to ensure your staff are staying up to date on compliance.

Policies and procedures included in Human Resources package

Simply choose the category:

  • GQH01 - General Management Protocol Policy and Procedure

    GQH02 - Fair Access, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedure

    GQH04 - Personnel Audit Protocol

    GQH05 - Personnel Audit and Action Plan

    GQH06 - Staff Retention Policy and Procedure

  • GPA01 - Absenteeism Policy and Procedure

    GPA02 - Annual Holiday Policy and Procedure

    GPA04 - Paternity Leave Policy and Procedure

    GPA05 - Adoption Policy and Procedure

    GPA06 - Public Holidays Policy and Procedure

    GPA07 - Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure

    GPA08 - Statutory Time Off Policy and Procedure

    GPA09 - Unable to Attend Work Policy and Procedure

    GPA10 - Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure

    GPA12 - Parental Leave Policy and Procedure

    GPC01 - Agency Staff Policy and Procedure

    GPC00 - Employee Handbook

    GPC02 - Casual ("Bank") Workers Policy and Procedure

    GPC04 - Covering Letter - Issue of Employee's Handbook

    GPC03 - Changes to Contract Hours

    GPC05 - Appearance Policy and Procedure

    GPC06 - Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment - Variation

    GPC07 - Minimum Wage Policy and Procedure

    GPC08 - Notice Periods Policy and Procedure

    GPC09 - Part-Time Employees Policy and Procedure

    GPC10 - Staff Loans and Advances Policy and Procedure

    GPC12 - Temporary Workers Policy and Procedure

    GPC13 - Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

    GPE01 - Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedure

    GPE02 - Disabled Workers Policy and Procedure

    GPE03 - Family Leave Policy and Procedure

    GPE07 - Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy and Procedure

    GPE08 - Gender Pay Reporting Policy and Procedure

    GPP01 - Harassment Policy and Procedure

    GPP02 - Alcohol and Drugs Policy and Procedure

    GPP05 - Moonlighting Policy and Procedure

    GPP04 - Grievances Policy and Procedure

    GPP06 - Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedure

    GPP07 - Capability Policy and Procedure

    GPP08 - Supervision Policy and Procedure

    GPP09 - Development Appraisal Policy and Procedure

    GPP10 - Obtaining Medical Records Policy and Procedure

    GPP03 - Discipline Policy and Procedure

    GPJ01 - Job Description - General Practitioner

    GPJ02 - Job Description - Senior Practice Receptionist

    GPJ03 - Job Description - Practice Receptionist

    GPJ04 - Job Description - Practice Manager

    GPJ05 - Job Description - Health Care Assistant

    GPJ06 - Job Description - Practice Nurse

    GPJ07 - Job Description - Practice Nurse: Triage

    GPG01 - First Aid Policy and Procedure

    GPG02 - Management of Stress Policy and Procedure

    GPG03 - Personnel Communication and Action

    GPM04 - Redundancy Policy and Procedure

    GPG05 - Retirement Policy and Procedure

    GPG06 - Staff Attendance Record

    GPG07 - Smoking at Work Policy and Procedure

    GPG08 - Staff Rota Policy and Procedure

    GPG09 - Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information Policy and Procedure

    GPG10 - Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

    GPG11 - Working Alone Policy and Procedure

    GPG12 - Working Time Regulations Policy and Procedure

    GPR01 - Recruitment Policy and Procedure

    GPR03 - Recruitment Pack – Individual Applicant Pack

    GPR04 - Recruitment Pack - Recruitment Specification

    GPR05 - Recruitment Pack – Induction and Job Start

    GPR07 - Training Event Attendance Record

    GPR09 - Health and Fitness Questionnaire

    GPR11 - Employee Termination Record Keeping Policy and Procedure

    GPR12 - DBS/Disclosure Policy and Procedure

    GPR10 - Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy and Procedure

Ongoing Support and Guidance for HR - GPs

  1. Straight forward

    Simple interface for all HR activity

  2. Tailored to your own business

    Allows you change dozens of custom text areas

  3. Encompasses

    Everything for compliance with staff management responsibilities

  4. Receive

    Memos and suggestions regularly

  5. Brand your own documents

    For a personalised HR tool

  6. All inclusive

    As many as 406 pages with 104+ comprehensible HR policies and procedures, downloadable in Word and PDF

  7. Hard copies of everything

    For your filing cabinet, updates sent automatically

  8. Expand easily

    From Module to the complete system

  9. Mandatory compliance

    With all regulations and Acts

  10. Individualised paperwork

    A requirement for the CQC

  11. Quality Assurance

    Meets the requirement for QA systems

  12. Efficient

    Quicker than doing it yourself!

Be confident

Compliance at your fingertips

GPs Human Resources Management

The success of the practice is dependent upon its staff. In General Medical Practice there are issues of confidentiality and the need for a caring approach to patients and their problems, so recruiting and retaining good staff and then managing positive relationships is crucial. The QCS HR package will help with establishing and maintaining a skill mix of care and clinical ability as well as tracking training requirements.

HR (Human Resources) is a really important aspect of General Practice Management, but one which can be a minefield for any business. It is hard work and time consuming to keep up with legislative changes but the QCS HR Module will do this for you, helping you to avoid conflict and dispute.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • It lives up to it's name

    The system is easy to negotiate, the added search button ensures you can find additional related policies and the link to KLOEs is a useful resource. The updated policy email ensures the user is able to keep themselves abreast of changes in policy and the influences of that change. Annie Talbot - Kare Plus Norwich
  • Brilliant

    I can truley say using the QCS system has been very good, I can ensure that my company remains compliant with all reguatory requirment. I can get on with the most important thing which is delivering a Safe, Effective, Resposive Well-led and Caring serivice. QCS is absolutely brilliant ! Dawn

Pricing Great Discounts available for Groups and Multiple locations – Call us to find out more

Standard Plan Full Payment (+VAT) Premium Compliance Plan 12 simple monthly payments including VAT

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Got a question? Call us now
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