Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

  • Supports your CQC Compliance under The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2015
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Society and its health and adult social care needs in the 21st century is a complex entity, with individuals requiring services that are tailored towards their specific needs.  The provision of care is no longer a generic one size fits all approach.  In 2008 the Healthcare and Adult Social Care professions were brought together for the first time in England, under the regulatory umbrella of the Care Quality Commission.

It is recognised that at some point we will all be a service users, requiring assistance in a variety of settings that should universally promise the same thing: excellent, person-centred, individualised care that welcomes and understands difference, whether that it is because of specific needs, cultural or ethnic diversity or just compassion and understanding.  As a professional, caring is a vocation, whether you are a GP, Dentist, Care Home Manager, Care Assistant or any other of the multitude of roles which support and ensure the success of this vital industry.

From a regulatory perspective the Care Quality Systems ties together how services as different as GP surgeries and domiciliary care agencies all work towards the same goals of excellence in care.  It doesn’t matter if you provide your care in day settings, to service users with mental health issues, learning difficulties, residential care or in dental practices, the principles behind this vocation is to ensure that those in your care are always treated with the utmost respect, their dignity and choices respected and their care provided world-class.

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  • Professional policies for our…

    Professional policies for our Domiciliary care agency. Staff have been friendly and very supportive, thank you Kate you’ve been an absolute star, checking in with how we are getting on with the system all the way to preparing us for our CQC interview and inspection which we passed! Linda
  • Good service

    Good service Patrick
  • Use of QCS

    It took me a little time to navigate round the system, once I got used to it I found the system easy to use. When I have a question I phone and speak to a consultant or I email them and they raise a ticket and contact me they don't close the ticket until my question has been answered. I have found the consultants I speak to very polite and helpful. Jackie
  • Highly recommended! Efficient, untuititve sytem and helfpul staff

    QCS have been invaluable to our company. They are always friendly, helpful and prompt with their professional responses to any queries and updates that we may have. The system itself is easy to use and access, and has really helped staff at all levels. Highly recommended! Annie
  • I would recommend this company to…

    I would recommend this company to anyone. All queries answered promptly & professionally. Sandra

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16th July 2018

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Taking a CQC Registered Service rated Inadequate and making it Good!

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Ask Sheila

Sheila Scott OBE from National Care Association (NCA)

Latest Question

Do day care centres need to be registered with the CQC?

Hi Sheila, do day care centres need to be registered with the CQC?

  Dear M,   Thank you for your question. This is a question that often comes up and the answer is no, Day care centres do not need to be registered.   It is extraordinary...

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Policy Updates

Updated: 09th April 2018

Part-Time Employee Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: WPC11
Updated: 09th April 2018

Part-Time Employees Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: DPC09
Updated: 09th April 2018

Part-Time Employees Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: GPC09
Updated: 05th April 2018

Employment of Non UK Citizens Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Absence, Holidays and Sickness Region: | Reference: SPR16
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