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IDDSI Recipe Booklet


Do You Support Individuals with Dysphagia? If you’re dedicated to providing the best  care for individuals with swallowing difficulties, we have an invaluable resource just for you.

QCS has  teamed up with the DART (Dysphagia And Referrals Training) team at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust to offer a free IDDSI recipe booklet tailored specifically for social care providers.

Inside this booklet, you’ll find a curated selection of recipes sourced from the IDDSI recipe book: ‘Modify your style – tips for dysphagia cooks at home.’ From modified salads to meat sauces for classic dishes like Bolognese or shepherd’s pie, each recipe is carefully crafted to meet the unique dietary needs of individuals with dysphagia. There are also drink recipes and essential tips to ensure pasta and rice meet the correct IDDSI levels. We also provide guidance on foods to avoid altogether to ensure safety.

All recipes featured in this booklet  meet the required IDDSI Level standards. Our goal is to support you in providing a diverse range of tasty, nutritious, and visually appealing meals that promote both enjoyment and safety for those on a texture-modified diet.

Dysphagia presents various challenges, including difficulty swallowing certain foods or liquids, coughing or choking during meals or inability to chew food properly. The IDDSI recipe booklet, aims to help  alleviate some of these challenges and make mealtime a pleasant and safe experience for everyone in your care.

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