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24th November 2017

Introducing Tim Dallinger, Welsh Care and Social Services Inspectorate Specialist

Firstly, I should introduce myself having just joined the QCS team as a contributor. I have been active in the care sector in Wales since 1987 and in that time I have seen many changes to the way in which we deliver care and support. In the days of old, I can recall very few policies and procedures and those that we did have were there because they had to be to meet a legal requirement. Today, our policies and procedures should reflect best practice and set out the actions we and our teams should take to ensure that we provide a compliant service which meets the needs of our clients. My experience encompasses; Social Care Worker, Registered Manager and Responsible Individual, a role I have today. I combine my care provision role with that of a trainer and consultant to the health and social care sector all over the UK, this includes; chairing and presenting at conferences, service audits, turnaround support and the delivery of training at all levels.

My role in the QCS team is to ensure that the policies and procedures are consistent with the legislative framework in Wales. Care providers in Wales will no doubt be aware that the Registration and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 is now upon us. The new system of service regulation and inspection will come into force in April 2018 and will be fully implemented and operational by April 2019. The Act supports the aims of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 which enshrines the rights of people using care and support services into law. When reviewing policies and procedures I will be taking due regard to the above Acts as well as other best practice and guidance which affects service provision in Wales. I will also draw on my experience as a care practitioner in Wales. For example, in early 2018 every care service will be required to re-register under the new legislation. The CSSIW has already begun this process by gathering information via the SASS which providers had to submit by 15th November 2017.  I will be going through the re-registration process for my own services and I will use this experience to inform the policies and procedures that I review and draft for the QCS system. In my next “expert insight” I will be looking in more detail at the actions that care providers in Wales should take now to prepare for the new legislation.

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Tim Dallinger

For the last 30 years, Tim has been actively involved in the health & social care sector and in particular in owning and managing an organisation which provides residential care for adults with a learning disability and/or mental health needs in small group settings within the local community. Read more

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