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Podcast: Lone working

Dementia Care
October 14, 2021

Napthens H&S Senior Health & Safety Consultant, Neil Hughes-Hutchings, provides an overview of the importance of Lone Worker risk assessment, safe management of lone workers, emergency preparedness and lone worker risk control.

Highlights include:

  • As with all risk assessments you need to identify who could be harmed and how. With lone working this may be named individuals or a specific group of workers, such as cleaners
  • A system should also be implemented where they can contact or alert someone within the organisation in an emergency or when things go wrong.
  • Risks to consider, within the care sector would be the risk of violence or injury and the stress, wellbeing, or mental health effects that isolated working may present.
  • For these workers you should train them in personal safety or the prevention of violence.
  • Being isolated whilst working can impact on workers mental health and can cause work-related stress.
  • Emergency procedures should be in place, and you may decide that lone workers carry a first aid kit and receive first aid training on how to administer first aid to themselves or have access to the existing first aid facilities within the workplace.
  • There is still a duty to monitor and keep in touch with lone workers. They also should be able to raise the alarm or be able to contact someone in the event of an emergency situation

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This article, with our partner Napthens, further explains the importance for came homes to think about lone working



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