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12th May 2014

On Probation

3d man, crowd and magnifying glassResearch confirms that a serious proportion (nearly 20%) of new employees fail to get beyond their probationary period. They fail because of poor performance, absence, punctuality or personality clashes.

Recruitment is expensive

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development now estimates it costs nearly £6,000 to recruit an employee when everything is taken into account; including training costs, for example. This is a cost that an employer would be wise to avoid.

Adopting processes pays for Blue Chips and it can pay for you.

It is the reason that Blue Chip companies invest heavily in selection (rather than just “recruitment”) and in “induction” processes for employees. The skills and experience of these larger employers are available to smaller employers through specialist consultants. The pay-off will be the same.

Rather than spend agency fees on recruitment small employers should consider using HR consultants to design selection processes, set up structured interviews with competency questions and develop an induction programme. Such could be easily achieved for less than £6,000 and will repay itself time and again.

Save your precious time

So instead of the frustration of poor performance, the irritation of unreliability and the stress of personality clashes save time and get the right employees in the first place.

Malcolm Martin of Employer Solutions – QCS Expert Human Resources Contributor

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