Risk Assessment Templates

We offer a range of risk assessment templates

Risk Assessment Templates

  • Supports CQC Registration & Compliance under The Health and Social Care Act 2008
  • Up to 2300 pages of 200+ easy to follow policies and procedures, in Word, PDF and printed manuals
  • Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update 2300+ pages of guidance?
  • Documents are fully customised to you as required by the CQC

We offer a range of risk assessment templates and an interactive risk assessment centre covering a wide range of risk areas including:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Room Risk Assessment
  • Service User Finances Risk Assessment
  • Disoriented Service User Risk Assessment
  • Home Care Workers Risk Assessment
  • Service User Outing
  • Door Locks
  • Privacy
  • Room Temperature Risk Assessment
  • Safety and Security of Premises
  • Electrical Safety Risk Assessment

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What are Risk Assessments?

he QCS Risk Assessment Centre:  Safe, reliable, interactive and up to date risk management tools.

  • Deliver your service safely to service users at all times
  • Expert written risk assessments, responding to client needs
  • Quality Assurance driven
  • Keep compliant and avoid injury or death

Risk management isn’t just about avoiding criminal prosecution or civil liability, it’s about ensuring that those who either use services or work for them, are free from the very real possibility of harm and that measures are taken to identify and avoid risks wherever possible. “Reasonably practicable” are the watchwords here, as it isn’t possible to eliminate all risk.

Why the need to manage risk within a healthcare setting?

Simply put, the law requires that you manage risk within your healthcare setting, whether operating a care home, nursing home, dental practice, GP surgery or a domiciliary care agency.   This was the driving force behind the creation of our Risk Assessment Centre.

You will always operate in an environment where risks are sometimes self evident and sometimes not.  Care establishments need to think about everything from Window safety, maintenance audits and COSHH Establishment risks to room risk, door locks and service user outings.  It’s wide ranging and requires expert knowledge to not undertake care delivery complete with unnecessary risks.

CQC Compliance and prudent risk avoidance

Full and regular risk assessments are the most prudent and practical way to avoid failing CQC compliance inspections, or worse still, to avoid service user death or injury and the concomitant criminal consequences that would then ensue.

The QCS Risk Assessment Centre is continually updated with more and more risk assessments, responding to customer demand, plus it contains a review feature that advises you when specific risk assessments are due for completion.

Fully interactive, the Risk Assessment Centre has been designed to keep you compliant and the services you provide safe.

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What do I need to understand about Consent?

Can you please send guidelines to ensure all correct procedures and policies are followed for gaining consent.  I need to know what to do when consent is denied by the person and, when you have proof that resident is unsafe. I would also like to know how to ensure that the person has a care plan needed to improve their quality of life. This a question in my chosen field of work, it is important not to mess this up.


Thank you for your question. Consent is a complicated area and is different for adults and for children. For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and informed, and...

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