Good Governance Planner 2024


As a health or social care manager responsible for one or multiple services, you understand the importance of continuous quality improvement. But here’s the big question: Can the services you oversee provide concrete evidence of this improvement? Do you have the necessary proof of your effective processes and systems?

2024 is approaching, and it brings a renewed focus on accountability.

The Care Inspectorate demand clear evidence of effective governance that assesses, monitors, and drives improvement in quality and safety. This evidence is your key to meeting regulatory standards and enhancing the services you provide.

The QCS Good Governance Planner demonstrates your commitment to excellence.

Your planner offers a comprehensive template to outline essential tasks—weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. It empowers you to evidence good governance across your services and allows you to strategically schedule these tasks throughout the year.

Think of it as your roadmap to demonstrate excellence against the Care Inspectorates Key Questions, especially How good is our Leadership and the Health and Social Care Standards.

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    Achieving Continuous Quality Improvement in Care