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18th December 2015

Still Not Ready For Your CQC Visit?

feedbackWhat should we do first?

When the CQC calls to let you know they’ll be visiting in the next two weeks Practices are often filled with dread. There’s a mixed feeling of ‘they’re actually coming’ and ‘what do we do first?’ in order to prepare for the big day. Using the most of the two weeks notice is essential to being ready on the day. It’s crucial to use this time to ensure all practice policies are up to date, infection control audit documentation is in place, premises are clean and tidy and that all staff are prepared for what may be asked and expected from them on the day.

What documentation should be checked and ready?

The CQC will ask for some documentation in advance, as well as on the day so be sure to check the following:

  • Ensure the Statement of Purpose is up to date and readily available;
  • Check and update the practice leaflet;
  • Ensure the complaints procedure is readily available in the waiting room;
  • Display a zero tolerance notice;
  • Display a chaperone notice;
  • Check minutes of practice meetings are up to date;
  • Ensure the complaints register is up to date;
  • Ensure the significant events register is up to date.

Put your CQC ‘hat’ on

By thinking like a CQC inspector this will help you to look at things objectively in the practice. We become familiar and complacent and often don’t notice straight away that the noticeboards are looking untidy and some notices might be irrelevant or no longer current e.g. seasonal information. Cupboards and drawers have all sorts of things thrown in them and often need throwing away. Task departments to have a half day cleaning session to de-clutter and strip their offices and work spaces of irrelevant information. This will also enable the cleaners to be even more thorough in areas they probably couldn’t readily access before.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Ask another practice who may have had their CQC inspection if they could pop over to review your practice with a fresh set of eyes, they may be able to identify things you hadn’t even thought of. Also, your CCG will have time to supply you with current data that you may need to evidence where you are performing well and meeting national and local targets for example prescribing, referrals, immunisation screening, etc. However, if you aren’t doing as well as expected it will give you time to review the data and prep something for discussion in the 30 minute presentation about how you aim to address any areas in which your practice may appear to be underperforming. Finally, don’t forget how valuable your PPG can be at this time. Invite one or two PPG members over to give a patient’s perspective of the building and services, you’ll have time to rectify any minor problems in time for the visit.

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Alison Lowerson

GP Specialist

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