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Meat is NOT the new tobacco!

October 30, 2015
Headlines this week suggesting that meat is as dangerous as cigarettes or asbestos were highly misleading. The press’s interest followed the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) evaluation on…
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Sometimes we need to remember the simple things in life!

October 17, 2015
Readers of this blog will appreciate the concern around prevalence of malnutrition and dehydration in older adults, and that much of the regulation around care home nutrition focusses on prevention…
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Lessons for Communication of Malnutrition

October 9, 2015
Malnutrition Task Force It is rewarding to see research in malnutrition including the people that are actually involved with the day to day care of older people. So I was…
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Eating Away at Cognitive Decline

September 25, 2015
September is World Alzheimer’s Month. So what better time to look at research investigating how nutrition may have an impact on the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of…
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Dangerous Bananas?

September 20, 2015
Further to some weeks of serious blogging where many complex areas of nutrition have been covered, it is time perhaps for a more light-hearted look at news that surrounds one…
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Diet and ADHD: Separating myth from clinical reality

September 12, 2015
As schools return and children embark on another year of learning, my thoughts turn to those with clinical conditions that may have an impact on their academic achievement like Attention…
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Good nutrition – Food for thought

September 6, 2015
A report, Food for thought: promoting healthy diets among children and young people was published by the British Medical Association Board of Science, recently. This report not only looked at…
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End of Life Care – More care, less pathway

September 1, 2015
As more of us live longer, the awareness of the greater complexity of need in the last days, months and years of life has increased. This, together with the projected…
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