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Dr Lucy Loveday GP & experienced medical educationalist

Dr Lucy Loveday: @drlucyloveday (MRCGP, PG Cert Clinical Education) is founder of Movement & The Mind®; a pioneering multidisciplinary platform showcasing the latest research from leaders in the field for the benefits of physical activity for mental health & brain development & mindfulness for human performance. Lucy is particularly interested in the benefits of nature based activity for mental health and wellbeing & is a real advocate for this as a way of life. Lucy lives on Dartmoor with her young family. As a keen fell runner and wild swimmer, Lucy enjoys living life without a smart phone & spending her time connecting with people in the real world. Ideally in green or blue spaces!

As a qualified GP & experienced medical educationalist, Lucy has a varied and full portfolio career. Lucy is Regional Director for The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine & was recently an Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. Lucy currently works as a GP Training Programme Director. Lucy enjoys medical writing & has published on the subject of Resilience & has recently published an article all about the evidence for Strength & Balance based exercise. Lucy has delivered bespoke Staff Wellbeing Training in various settings & enjoys public speaking.

Lucy is relentlessly passionate about using education and training as vehicles for positive social change and continues to design & develop creative programmes that translate the research evidence into accessible and meaningful action. Whilst human health improves, it does so to the detriment of natural systems. This is unsustainable. Lucy hopes that by facilitating individuals to connect with nature, they begin to feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to become agents for their own health whilst also promoting sustainable behaviours for the health of the planet.

New for 2020

Lucy is currently working with The Lost Gardens of Heligan to develop a Nature based wellbeing programme. Lucy is also in the process of developing the second stage of a 2018 pilot project she has designed in collaboration with The Woodland Trust; 'Resilient Young Minds' will launch as a Green Prescription in Autumn 2020 and is very much focused on offering people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to connect with the natural world and develop a sense community for overall wellbeing. Postponed until 2021, Lucy is excited to be one of the lead facilitators along with Professor David Peters & Alan Heeks to deliver the first ever RCGP Nature Immersion course for GPs and GP Trainees.

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