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Top tips to avoid the petrol pumps: Abi Spence provides some fuel for thought

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September 30, 2021

Abi Spence shares some top tips to avoid petrol pumps during the fuel crisis.


I’m sitting in a queue not far from where I started my journey. Cars are bumper to bumper trying to get petrol. I just want to get past.

Work need

Your need may be more pressing. You may actually be in the queue for petrol because you need some to get to work. So… what are the options if you can’t get what you need?

Here are some other alternatives you may want to consider short term.

Skip that queue and get on your bike

That’s if you have one; not only is it a great way to save money and avoid the petrol queue, but it’s also good for your overall wellbeing and health.

If you would like a bike or are considering it, check out local council schemes and whether your work is signed up to one.

Many areas have a bike project which sells second-hand bikes which have been serviced for as little as £10.

Walk it

If you aren’t sure of the way (yes, this is me all my life), then there are plenty of apps you can use which will map your journey and tell you how long it will take, taking you via the shortest route.

Electric scooters

I won’t tell you how many I saw near my house the other day! These nippy little gadgets are everywhere.

  • Be safe and wear a helmet
  • Download an app to show you where your nearest scooter is parked and to give your driving licence details
  • Have a practice run – most have a beginner’s setting. Some councils actually run try outs
  • Try and avoid those bumpy bits!

Car share
Sharing a car and using alternate vehicles will eke out your petrol.

  • Always remember to keep the windows open to ventilate and where a mask if you can

Bus it
We may all have something to say about bus reliability but when needs must, it’s an option.

  • You can search online for bus frequency and services that support your area
  • Remember to wear a face covering if you can and use hand sanitiser frequently

Not for you?

These options may not be right for you if you need your car to visit people in their own homes. Petrol stations that are a little more out of the way can sometimes be an option, as can very early starts.

News reports
According to Sky News the government is facing calls to give key workers priority. Unison has been quoted as saying, “key workers should not be left stranded or forced to queue for hours for fuel”, and called on the government to”designate fuel stations for the sole use of key workers.”

Don’t panic

If you have petrol in your vehicle, please don’t panic buy. This will ensure everyone can access what they need, including other key workers.

Staffing concerns

It is important that you check staff have the means to get to work to ensure the safe running of the service. Contingency plans should be in place to keep things running smoothly.

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Abi Spence

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