Infection Control

  • Compliant under HTM 01 05
  • Documents are fully customised to you as required by the CQC
  • Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update up to 54 pages of guidance?

The CQC standards expect you to look after the welfare of patients as well as providing a safe place for staff. This creates the need to continually assess infection control precautions as well as training staff in the principles and procedures involved in maintaining a safe environment. The also includes advice on setting up a `Decontamination Room` and this should be consulted when re-organising the practice or in a new-build project.

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    Navigate your policies, procedures, compliance tools and more. Everything you need for compliance is located on your dashboard.

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Policies and procedures included in Infection Control package

Simply choose the category:

  • DHS01 - Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

    DHS06 - Hazard Reporting Policy and Procedure

    DHS07 - Health and Safety Training Policy and Procedure

    DHR01 - Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure

  • DCR01 - Risk Policy and Procedure

    DCR02 - Risk Management Policy and Procedure

    DCH02 - Infection Control and Decontamination Policy and Procedure

    DCH07 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy and Procedure

    DCH05 - Legionella Policy and Procedure

    DCH01 - General Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

    DCH08 - Clinical Waste Disposal Policy and Procedure

  • DME04 - Water Temperature Policy and Procedure

Ongoing Support and Guidance for Dental Infection Control

  1. Simple to use

    online interface for all infection control policies and procedures

  2. All policies required

    to manage cross-infection and decontamination processes

  3. Ring bound printed manuals

    for operational usage updated in line with any changes each month

  4. Easy upgrade path

    from the Infection Control Module to the Full Management System

  5. Fully comprehensive approach

    Up to 54 pages with 10+ easy to follow policies and procedures, available in Word and PDF

  6. Upload your own documents

    to supplement the system for personalised infection control and CQC compliance

  7. Online customisation

    lets you change up to 133 fields that are individualised to your care service

  8. Weekly update email

    System compliant or not, number of updated & unread documents, recent staff logins PLUS text messages for urgent updates

  9. Provides compliance

    with HTM 01 05

  10. Fully customised paperwork

    As required by the CQC documents are specific to your organisation and not generic

  11. Supports CQC Outcome 8

    Meets the CQC requirement of Infection Control for on-going compliance

  12. Peace of mind

    Know you are compliant and that we keep you up to date

Saves Time

How long would it take you to create and update 54 pages of infection control guidance?

Infection Control Management Systems for Dental Service Providers

Since 1987 the term “universal precautions” has explained the interventions made by all healthcare workers when they come into contact with blood and bodily fluids from a patient. This is now commonly referred to as “standard infection control precautions”. The aim is to protect health workers and their patients from potentially dangerous infections contracted through contact with blood or bodily fluids. Consequently a practice should consider all patients are a risk for cross infection and a standard system of infection control precautions needs be put in place and followed by all dental staff. The QCS Infection Control Module conforms to the new HTM 01 05 regulations and guidance from professional bodies on good practice. Such advice may be subject to change without warning and it is the responsibility of the Registered Manager to keep up to date with compliance.

It is recognised that not all practices will be in a position to adopt best practice recommendations. The module includes guidance to ensure that those in such a position understand what is required. In the event of an inspection by CQC or local contracting organisations, every practice is expected to have a plan available. The QCS Infection Control Module provides everything required to meet the CQC requirements.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • I renew my contract with UKQCS as it keeps my policies and procedures updated, and I do not have to worry about doing this.

    Whenever I need some further guidance the staff members are very willing to help, and as I needed some further information, I was told that someone would call me back, and the lovely Sarah called and was more than happy to help. She is so professional and knowledgeable that she gave me the support I required. I am really pleased with the QCS service. Mariam
  • Compliance made easy

    I have worked through a couple of systems to keep my dental practice up to date with compliance and CQC regulations and nothing can compared to how detailed this system is and the customer service is second to none. Not only is everyone I have spoken to so far helpful and polite, they actually are knowledgeable about their policies so you don't have to search through the internet to double check laws and regulations, the correct answer is just a phone call away. Emma Collins
  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service, always get me through my CQC inspections and has paid for itself many times over! Highly recommended!! Keir Gregory, Manager, One 2 One Private Care Services

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