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Apprenticeships Supporting Succession Planning

Dementia Care
February 19, 2021

Recruitment and retention have long been issues in the care sector. The pandemic and Brexit have only made recruitment in the care setting more challenging than ever.

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If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown us, it is how valuable loyal and long-term team members are.

Recruitment and retention have long been issues in the care sector. Moving forward there is undoubtedly more to face, with the aftermath of the pandemic and Brexit. These factors coupled with an ageing population both in the wider environment and among care sector team members, means succession planning has never been more essential.

Succession planning is looking at your team and identifying those who could be developed into the roles of Deputy or Manager going forward. It is not a process that should cause conflict, but one that protects the organisation for the foreseeable future.

Other roles can also be identified. An example could be a safeguarding and digital expert. With the technology we all use increasing, the safeguarding issues also increase, giving an opportunity to develop a team member into the role of a safeguarding expert.

To help with the development, especially of the next Deputies and Managers, there is a wide range of Apprenticeships approved and available. With more being approved weekly.

The apprenticeship approach ensures the focus is on teaching and learning, rather than assessment. Which gives you the chance to develop those identified team members, in a way that meets the organisational needs.

Of course, arguably there is the twenty percent of the job element to consider, where the learner completes twenty percent of their course in working hours. Building a good relationship with the training provider to ensure careful planning can enable the twenty percent tasks to be of benefit to the organisation, such as that audit you have been meaning to do for some time.

Developing individuals to complete these tasks enables you to deliver a quality of provision. One in which you can delegate.

The Apprenticeship is set up as a three-way partnership between:

  • The learner
  • You as the employer
  • The training provider

All working together to ensure not just the successful completion, but the development of a shaped and supported member of you team, with values that the organisation upholds. A team member that you might otherwise struggle to find.

Working together to help the learner succeed, will also help you plan the future.


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