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Am I entitled to ask to see the rota for the carers that are coming to visit my Dad?

Barry Price
Answered by Barry Price

Not automatically, no. Providers must work within certain legal frameworks when it comes to data protection and information sharing such as UK GDPR and Data Protection and whilst on one hand, the provider is correct, the other side is that your father should have a copy of his visit schedule that sets out in detail the visits and levels of service he should expect.


Best practice would always be that, ahead of any visits, the rota/schedule (that includes the names of staff who will be attending) would be shared with him so he knows who to expect, and also that it would show continuity of support.


Do you hold any legal powers on behalf of your father such as a lasting power of attorney (LPA) from the Office of the Public Guardian or has he given written consent as part of his care and support plan with the care provider to share information with you? That way, you would have a right to see these.


Many providers who are still struggling with recruitment and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks are having to change rotas so regularly to cover absences, that merely providing a rota may not be sufficient as it could be out of date ten minutes after publication and can even be changed at short notice, ahead of any planned visit.


If the provider is using electronic systems, they may have friends and family access portals in order to allow you restricted access to keep you informed about the standards and quality of care received and you would be able to view carers this way.


The best advice I can give is to speak to your provider and discuss your concerns and reasons for wanting to know this information and make sure they are aware of any legal rights you have in place to do so. A good provider will always find a way to work constructively with you to ensure that you are happy with the quality of care and support your father is receiving.

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