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Can care companies create their own MAR sheets and code system?

Barry Price
Answered by Barry Price

There is no standard format for MAR charts so the simple answer here is YES, but, why would many choose to do so when pharmacies and system providers generally provide them?


Remember, a MAR is a legal document and as such must contain certain information according to CQC’s Medicines administration records in adult social care Guidance.


NICE recommends that medicine records should include:


    • The name of the person and their date of birth
    • The name, formulation and strength of the medicine(s)
    • How often or the time the medicine should be taken
    • How the medicine is taken or used (route of administration)
    • The name of the person’s GP practice
    • Any stop or review date
    • Any additional information, such as specific instructions for giving medicine. For example, medicines to be taken with food (such as ibuprofen) or without food (such as some antibiotics).


If you are looking at developing any of your own tools, it’s important that you ensure that they meet Regulation 12: Safe Care and Treatment and Regulation 17: Good Governance as examples. They should also mirror the guidance set out by CQC’s medicines information for adult social care. You could also discuss this with your medicines provider if you feel something is missing from your MAR as they may have an alternative solution.


You may also want to look at EMAR even though the same principles apply. The use of digital records is becoming more and more the norm and you may wish to read the CQC guidance – What good looks like for digital records in adult social care.

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