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If a person who once worked with vulnerable adults was dismissed partly due to financial abuse, (the issue was not about theft, no money was stolen , but whether consent had been given), how long would it be for that person to be informed if they were referred to the DBS? If it has been longer than 6 months and they still have not been informed, (they have had no word/letter sent/contact by phone). Is it likely they have been referred at all?

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Depending on the type of DBS check submitted, a copy of the check would usually be received within two to four weeks (it is usual for enhanced checks to take longer). With backlog of applications, there is a known delay with the DBS.


It is important to note that DBS have no investigatory powers, so they will rely upon the information provided and this may mean that the DBS will request additional information to support the decision-making process. If the individual has not yet been contacted or not yet received the DBS certificate it may be worthwhile, in the first instance, to track the progress of the DBS check online. Standard and enhanced check applications can be tracked here . If the business wants to track a number of applications they can do so here.  Please note that this service is only available if the business is registered with DBS.


If you are having difficulties in tracking/obtaining an update on the DBS check you can contact DBS at the following:

DBS customer services

[email protected]

Telephone: 0300 0200 190

Welsh: 0300 0200 191

Minicom: 0300 0200 192

International: +44 151 676 9390

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (9am to 5pm for appeals and disputes)

Saturday, 10am to 5pm

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