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A lady is visiting her family from Italy and will be here for up to three months. They are insisting on receiving the vaccine; are they eligible? If so, how does she get the vaccine?

Tracy Green
Answered by Tracy Green

GP Practices need to register the patient even for a short period of time so she can have the vaccine.

Overseas visitors to England, including anyone living in the UK without permission, will not be charged for:

  • testing for COVID-19 (even if the test shows they do not have COVID-19)
  • treatment for COVID-19, including for a related problem called multisystem inflammatory syndrome that affects some children
  • vaccination against COVID-19

No immigration checks are needed for overseas visitors if they are only tested, treated or vaccinated for COVID-19.

There is a further clarification around this in the government COVID-19; a migrant health guide document that can be found here.

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