How can we help people with learning disabilities to improve their health?

Dementia Care
July 27, 2017

We know that people with a learning disability have worse health than other people, and die sooner than they should.

They are 58 times more likely to die before the age of 50, and 4 times more likely to have a preventable cause of death. (Disability Rights Commission, 2006; Department of Health, 2008.)

Earlier this year, we were given some money from the NHS to help solve this problem.

But where should we start?

There are a lot of problems when it comes to making health and health services more equal, but we wanted to give people with a learning disability a simple message to take control of their health.

The message we are telling people is: claim your right to a free health check, be more active, and eat healthy food.

We made a film, following a character called Steve, with the aim of inspiring people to do these three things.

We also included a section about finding a job or volunteer role, because employment has proven benefits to somebody’s health and well-being.

You can watch the film here:


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