Elian Markey

Elian Markey Goatacre Manor Care Centre

Elaine has just been promoted to Head of Care, for this very reason She really is the 'Head of Care' Her care towards residents and staff is just outstanding. The old clichés of putting people first is so incredibly true with Elaine, she is respectful, empathetic, reliable, patient, practical, observant, caring, experienced and sunny. She is the sort of person who lights up a room when she walks into it. She lightens moods, not only with our residents but with our staff. Her nature is gentle but she gets things done. She has time, always has time, and will demonstrate and explain. If someone is doing something wrong she will teach them the right way enabling them to learn. She will always pick up shifts and support those around her. She will go above and beyond to make sure that the best care is given. Elaine is our champion to new starters. We have our new care staff inducted with her. They spend a few weeks learning everything they need to know to do the job well. If they need more time, she will happily continue to support them until they get it right.  nothing is to much trouble. Everyone needs an Elaine Markey in their homes.

Nominated by:

Kerrie Louise Howard
Goatacre Manor Care Centre

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