Lesley Hayton

Lesley Hayton Virtue Health Services Ltd

Lesley, joined our service along with our first Guest, in March 2020. With our service being new and also having a new and bespoke model, there was a lot to deal with, learn and understand. Lesley has gone above and beyond his job description. Her impeccable approach, her kind, and caring persona, and her ability to build relationships with guests and staff is second to none.

Lesley has assisted by picking up additional shifts, when we were short-staffed, she has dug deep and started to realise her own potential as a very successful support worker. Lesley is a team player and encourages other staff to do the same.

Nothing is too much trouble for Lesley and she is a true Virtue Health Services hero.

Nominated by:
Karen Stanley
Virtue Health Services Ltd

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