Tanya O’Brien

Tanya O’Brien Angel HR

Tanya has worked tirelessly during the Covid19 pandemic. She has isolated her children with her mum for the last 10 weeks, enabling her to work, whilst keeping her children safe. She has still managed to put on a smile and has kept all clients safe.

Thank you Tanya you are a true angel.

Nominated by:
Sandra Phillips
Angel HR


Tanya has shown true compassion for her role as a senior carer and natural leadership in this time of the pandemic, not seeing her children for weeks so that she can continue to do her job without putting them at risk. Not being able to tuck her babies into bed or give them a proper hug after a long shift, but she carried on supporting everyone in her team with a smile and her clients as if it was just a normal working day. Thank you alone seems so insignificant for so many true troopers in the social care field, but from her team and management, we would like to put her forward to show our appreciation for the personal sacrifices she has made in this time.

Nominated by:

Joan Bothma
Angel Human Resources

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