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Guyatt House


Learning Disabilities

Guyatt House, a small registered service for people with learning disabilities, have recently achieved an ‘outstanding’ rating from CQC which is tremendous achievement on their part.

Rupert Stocks, the Registered Manager of the service, was very keen to highlight the benefits of the QCS management system, saying ‘it is the first thing we look at in the morning, and the last thing we look at at night’. He felt that they wouldn’t have achieved the rating they have without the ongoing support of QCS.

They use the system to its fullest capability, and treat it as a full guide to how to run their service , rather than a set of policies and procedures.

He stated that the QCS system frees him and the staff up to support the people that use the service, rather than wasting valuable time in the office doing paperwork.

Guyatt house would recommend the QCS system to other providers, and are keen to stress what a help it has been for them, and how important it was in achieving their ‘Outstanding’ rating.