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The value of saving time


Domiciliary Care

How an inspiring personal journey, passion for technology and QCS’s support helps Tiggo Care deliver a quality care service 

Tiggo Care, the domiciliary care agency based in southeast London provides adults with exemplary, bespoke care in the place they feel most comfortable – their home. The team is committed to delivering care to the highest possible standard and strives to ensure that their systems use the best technology available, to ensure that carer assistants spend more time caring and less time completing paperwork.

With quality and technology at the heart of the business it’s no surprise that Tiggo Care has been a Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) customer from its inception. ‘QCS is the first product we ever bought’ says Tiggo Care Founder and Managing Director, Chris Williams who recently met Terry Lawlor, QCS Chief Product Officer, to talk about the inspiring personal story behind the birth of Tiggo Care, its partnership with QCS and how the platform is playing a pivotal role in supporting the business with compliance and much more. 

‘It really allows you to save on time that you might spend on admin or inputting data. By getting that time back it enables us to ensure that we’re actually spending our time efficiently and delivering a quality care service’ he adds. 

‘I grew up in a household with two parents who suffer from rare diseases and a few years ago my mother’s condition really started to flare up. It got to the point where she was unhappy leaving the house, not really eating and I started looking for care but finding a company that understood the challenges of such a rare disease was hard and that’s when I decided I’d give it a go myself and so we’re very proud to support people with rare diseases in particular.’ Chris tells us. 

‘I think what really separates us is the fact that service is based on personal experience and also having come from a technology background a lot of our operations in the background are automated with custom code and that means our staff can spend more time actually caring and talking to clients rather than having to do admin.’ he adds. 

Delivering great care is at the core of Tiggo Care, ‘One of the benefits is obviously compliance. With the policies in place, we know we’re compliant on that front and then we also know that if we follow those policies and procedures correctly, we’re going to be delivering safe and effective care. I know that gives me a bit more confidence if we’re having a CQC inspection I know the policies are good’ Chris tells us. 

Terry Lawlor, QCS Chief Product Officer explains: ‘At QCS we really believe in listening and getting feedback from our customers. We look at their feedback and look at how we can evolve our offering to take away more pain and deliver a better solution for our customers.’ 

Terry believes that giving your team access to the best guidance is key: ‘Your staff are your most valuable asset and you need to have the ability to onboard new staff easily, to upskill them easily, to make sure they’re always accessing the latest in policies and procedures and best practices. Our solution, a combination of always up-to-date easily accessible content and state of the art technology enables you to empower your staff to deliver great care.’ 

Chris adds ‘There is a policy for every single situation and that means that if a situation arises that you weren’t expecting you’re able to respond to it quickly and deliver a safe and effective caring service. By having a policy and procedure that they can read on a mobile app wherever they are, a lot of our carers use the bus to go to clients. If they’re going to a client and they know that the client requires let’s say PEG feeding, they can go and look at QCS and refresh their memory.’ 

With over 160,000 care professionals using the QCS system daily on both desktop and mobile app, we couldn’t agree more.

‘We’re constantly innovating, constantly developing new capabilities particularly in compliance management looking at how we can support the new assessment frameworks that are being introduced by the regulators such as CQC, how you can continually collect evidence of good governance, have that in the system and able to be shared, able for you to learn how to deliver a better service yourself’ Terry concludes the interview. 

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